Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Google Sync and Nokia's Mail for Exchange Corrupted my Contacts!

I recently got Google Sync working with my S60v5 Nokia 5800 using Mail for Exchange (Mfe). It had been working beautifully, but then one day all of my contacts disappeared. Before I could get to a place I could do something about it a couple of hours later, they re-appeared. I think they were removed during a Sync, and then later restored.

Ever since, though, some of my contacts are inaccessible! If I attempt to click on them in the phone book, I get an error box with "Contacts: system error (-1)" and it refuses to open. If I attempt to send a text message and manually enter the phone number of one of the corrupted contacts, upon sending I get "Message editor: system error (-1)". In fact, I can't even delete these corrupted contacts!

I've not yet found a good way to wipe out my contacts and pull them in fresh on a sync. Will I really have to reset my entire phone?

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