Monday, August 3, 2009

Damn DRM

With my new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic came a composite video and stereo audio output cable. This wasn't a feature I had required of my new phone, but it certianly earns it some geek points. It also came with a $50 gfit credit for Amazon's Unbox video service. I eagerly downloaded Dr. Horrible which I heard heard so much about.
After watching Dr. Horrible on my phone, I next wanted to try playing it to my TV via TVersity. However, TVersity couldn't handle transcoding whatever format Amazon delivered it in. A week later, I tried plugging the A/V output cable into my TV directly, only to find a black screen with an icon in the middle: a key with a slash through it -- no doubt a culturally agnostic way of telling me the content was locked.
So I plan to let the rest of my $50 gift credit go to waste because it turns out $50 of Amazon Unbox video content isn't worth a dime.

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