Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kogan Agora, Where Are You?

I've been excited about Google Android since I first heard about it, but then I was disappointed the T-Mobile G1 by HTC. When I then heard about the completely unlocked Kogan Agora, I was once again excited about the possibilities.

After I rambled on and on about it, my wife picked up on it and secretly ordered a Kogan Agora Pro for me in December (thanks, dear!). Now I'm patiently awaiting the official ship date of January 29, 2009, eagerly following the news and official Kogan blog.

There are naysayers out there, and I recognize that the phone has some unfortunate compromises and there's a fear of the date slipping. Still, this phone is an Android phone, and will far axceed my Nokia 6300.

If..., no when it finally arrives, I'll write a review here.

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